Alternative Choices for the Modern Investment Portfolio 

Alpha Capital Research (ACR), founded in 1997, is a  boutique investment advisory firm focused on alternative investments, particularly hedge funds and commodities. The firm has a long history of investing its own capital and client capital on discretionary basis in alternative investments. Additionally, ACR provides alternative investment advisory services including alternative investment education, portfolio construction, quantitative and qualitative analysis, manager selection, monitoring and reporting.

ACR believes that the unique and evolving characteristics of alternative investments require a customized approach for each client and therefore does not rely on off-the-shelf models or presentations for its services. ACR strives to involve clients in the investment process by integrating each client's objectives, risk tolerances and constraints in the decision making process. 

ACR advisory services can be of value to new or existing investors in the alternative investment arena, whether they are family offices, institutional investors, endowments, foundations or pension funds.